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Light Duty Towing

Light-duty towing is perhaps the simplest method of towing. They require nothing more than conventional towing vehicles and a considerable level of expertise. Light duty towing is used to move and haul passenger vehicles. These may range from motorcycles to cars, sedans, pickup trucks, and minivans.

The upside to light-duty trucks is that they can easily be maneuvered. They come in handy for towing cars that are stuck in tight places or need to move through congested roads. They also take out the intricacies of environmental issues like snow, ice, or quicksand.

Except on rare occasions, wheel-lift towing is suitable for towing small or light vehicles from tight places. Wheel-lift towing is done by lifting the front wheel of the vehicle. The slide-in wheel lift and hidden wheel-lift safely tow the car, making it the go-to option.

The process involves the attachment of your vehicle to the tow truck. This is done with an attachment device that may be electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic. The tow truck’s operator then controls the wheel-lift system from within the truck.

Wheel-lift towing is the go-to method for towing lighter vehicles from spots that are cramped. Wheel-lift towing involves the process of attaching an electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical device to the rear end of the tow truck to lift the front of the car. On most occasions, the device comes with a wheel-lift system to help the operator control the vehicle better.

Light duty towing is also carried out for smaller trucks, especially when stuck in low clearance areas. However, wheel-lift tow trucks are not so high. As such, they leave enough room for the vehicle to pass through low spaces.

At Emmanuel Towing, we offer excellent light-duty towing services. We are diligent in every process, treating every car with the utmost duty of care. We have towed several light-duty vehicles and have a no-damage record on all the vehicles we have handled. We are available to tow your vehicle as well. If you would like to engage our services, please give us a call.